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Leave garage door maintenance our skilled and experienced technicians at Garage Door Repair in Fernandina Beach.

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Do you want to minimize the risk of getting stuck inside or outside of your garage? For this, you will need to take care of proper garage door maintenance. Most overhead doors require full care twice a year. Here are some of the main tasks that have to be done.Garage Door Maintenance

Extension Spring Check

It is easy to notice damage to the springs. The most common issue is a stretched coil. The spring should be replaced as this kind of damage cannot be fixed. The pulleys should be checked for wearing. If they are dull and make scraping sounds, they should be changed. Cables are prone to fraying and may get minor cuts. If these issues are present, replacement is the only solution. The spring’s tension should be tested too after the opener’s been disconnected. The test involves lifting the door. If this job requires a great deal of effort, new springs will be needed.   

Caring for Hinges

These require a check for bending in the first place. Bent hinges should be fixed or replaced depending on how bad the deformation is. These components require tightening too. Missing, broken and damaged bolts should be replaced with new ones right away. The final step involves lubrication. Spray lubricant with lithium is ideal for the purpose. It allows for precise application while being resistant to hardening as the temperature goes down. These components require a very thin layer of the product. After one cycle of opening and closing, the lubricant will be properly spread.

Safety Sensors Testing

It is best to use two tests for maximum accuracy. The first one starts with blocking one of the sensors to interrupt the infrared beam. Any solid object will do. The next step is starting the opener with the remote. The door should sit in place or move just a bit and then reverse. The second test involves waving a rake or a broom in front of the sensors as the door is closing with the opener. The unit should reverse its course immediately. If the sensors fail either or both tests, they should be checked and repaired or replaced.

Don’t have the time to maintain your automatic overhead door? We at Garage Door Repair in Fernandina Beach will do the work for you. Count on us to take perfect care of each and every component from the hinges to the opener and its accessories.

When the inspection reveals damaged, malfunctioning or broken components, we’ll fix them or replace them quickly.

If your door needs care, call us or send us an email.

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